Need for reinvigorated advisor role - Ngati Ruanui
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Need for reinvigorated advisor role


Need for reinvigorated advisor role

Te Runanga O Ngati Ruanui Trust has urged the South Taranaki District Council to reinvigorate the Liaison Advisor role before it evaporates.

The position has been vacant since before Christmas and while council was reviewing it, it needed to be filled and strengthened before it slid into obscurity.

The role needs to lead iwi liaison across the district while developing, implementing and reviewing an engagement process that is efficient and effective for all parties.

As significant economic players, iwi can draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise to enhance council decision making.

The council needs to lead from the front and create a best practice position that is on top of all council business while communicating clearly with iwi. We will be following council’s moves closely.