Te Pou Korero - April 2021

Te Runanga o Ngāti Ruanui Trust AGM 2020

Te Pou Korero May 21Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ruanui Trust Annual General Meeting was held at Pariroa Pa on Sunday the 13th December 2020 at 10am.

The AGM was well attended with many Uri members making the journey to be part of the ‘ui.

It was a bright and sunny atmosphere in Kakaramea. This was the first AGM in many years to be held outside of ‘awera.

Thank you to the w’anau at Pariroa Pa for being fantastic hosts.

Key Points from the Tumu W’akaae AGM Report

Our Tumu W’akaae, Haimona Maruera highlighted the challenges that 2020 brought us all. Haimona acknowledged how humbled he felt to be able to provide a positive report on the annual progress for the April 2019-March 2020 year.

Key Points form the Report are:

  • The Ngāti Ruanui membership card has provided $12,442 worth of benefits back to Uri.
  • $60, 000 worth of education and grants received by 203 recipients in total.
  • We will continue to be active Kaitiaki. The Seabed Mining Case has been an ongoing battle that we will continue to contest. Ngāti Ruanui has made it very clear that we will do whatever we can to protect the moana and we will not give up without a fight.
  • We participated in Taranaki Tū Mai in Inglewood hosted by Ngāti Maru. It was a fantastic and successful weekend. We look forward to hosting the event in November 2021.
  • COVID 19 response was effective and efficient. The Kaiarataki and her team were able to provide an incredible service to protect our Uri and community. This assistance included the set up of an 0800 number, important and immediate digital communication and messaging, care packages and kai drops. A COVID 19 testing site was established at the Ngāti Ruanui Healthcare and pop up testing clinics were also set up in Waverley, Stratford, Patea and Eltham.
  • Te Ka’ui Tikanga o Te Tonga was established by Ngāti Ruanui
    Kaumatua and pa’ake to develop guidelines for tangi’anga during

Past TPK issues

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