Unmasking the seafloor

Ngati Ruanui has thrown its weight behind an innovative undersea project aimed at shedding light on the marine diversity off the South Taranaki coast.

The South Taranaki Reef Life project aims to discover and document the subtidal rocky reef communities found in the South Taranaki Bight. Partnering with the South Taranaki Diving Club, Hawera High School, Ngati Rauru and the Patea & district Fishing Club, gives us the opportunity to capture the ecological variance across seasons and find out exactly what lies beneath the waves.

So far the project has found tarakihi, blue moki, leather jacket, butterfly perch, blue cod, snapper, marble fish, goatfish and butter fish to name but a few.

The photos included are courtesy of Bruce Boyd from the South Taranaki Underwater Club and those wanting to see more stunning shots can visit the project’s Facebook page.


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