Windfarm proposal falls short

Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui has submitted against a proposed windfarm between Patea and Waverley.

Trustpower’s consent application fails on every level to take into account the relationship that Ngati Ruanui has with the land and the Whenuakura River.

Trust chairman Haimona Maruera Jr said they had been completely excluded from all aspects of the application.

“It’s not like this is an application for a fence, there will be 48 wind turbines each towering 160 metres above ground.

“We consider the actions of Trustpower to be shameful.”

In order for the impact of the wind farm, environmentally and culturally, upon Ngati Ruanui to be explored a documented

Cultural Impact Analysis provided by Ngati Ruanui is required, he said.

“And where cultural aspects are noted in this application, they are brief, shallow and generally substandard.

Ngati Ruanui also opposes the concept of a project envelope and the unknown placement of up to 48 turbines within the site.

“A change in layout can have significant impact on noise generation, visual effect and shadow flicker.”

Ngati Ruanui also believes the South Taranaki District Council has failed to assess the application correctly as the failure of the application, as noted above, renders the application as incomplete and should not have been accepted by the Council.

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